4 Reasons Why You Should Attend FIFA World Cup 2022 In Qatar –


If you’re a soccer fan, you’ve probably read about the controversy surrounding the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. Reports of bribery and corruption in the voting process surfaced as soon as Qatar was first announced as the host in 2010.

Since then, articles have expressed concern about Qatar’s oppressive heat. Infrastructure issues may also be a factor. Poor working conditions for stadium construction workers are another issue. There have been numerous calls for the event to be moved to another country.


Qatar’s World Cup in 2022 has many reasons to be excited if you’re a soccer fan.

What a change from the norm!

Arab countries have never hosted a World Cup. The Middle East will have a chance to show off its part of the world at this event. You’ve travelled to Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Russia for the World Cup. What we’re about to do is a little different.


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