FESTAC Of Sports!  –Segun Odegbami Writes


I urge everyone reading this to patiently allow the juices of their imagination, creativity and audacity to flow.

Imagine an event somewhere in Africa, or the Caribbeans, that holds every few years.


All the countries in Africa, as well as countries with a large population of Diaspora Africans (people of African-descent), a 76-country membership of the Black Race, assemble their most gifted musicians, painters, poets, actors, dancers, drummers, sculptors, literary giants and others, for a festival that showcases their exceptional gifts of rich African traditions, their stories told in a spectacular display of artistic expressions that leave the world in breathless awe and wonder.

During the same festival, intellectuals with diverse backgrounds in scholarship are drawn from the different participating countries to interrogate their race’s past and present, and peer into the crystal ball of possibilities into the future; plan to create and present a united front to the rest of the…

Source: Complete Sports