How To Train Like The Legendary Mike Tyson


In boxing, some fighters are blessed with undeniable raw talent, and others have to work extra hard to get where they are. Mike Tyson falls into the second category. He was once the highest-paid athlete in the world.

While he was an amazing fighter, his work ethic and discipline were questionable at times. Tyson trained relentlessly with different coaches throughout his career, learning new techniques and strategies that helped hone his skills as a fighter while keeping him on his toes as a sparring partner. Here is what made him such a beast in the ring.

Discipline Is the Foundation of Any Successful Endeavor

The importance of discipline cannot be stressed enough when it comes to boxing. If you can’t control yourself outside the ring, you will never be able to control yourself inside it. You can never execute a game plan if you can’t handle your emotions or body. A boxer needs to have the ability to move quickly and nimbly on their feet and have good endurance along with…

Source: Complete Sports