The Best PC Gaming Experiences For Sports Fans –


Despite PC gaming being as old as the gaming industry itself, for several years, PC gamers felt short-changed when it came to the variety of sports games that were accessible to them. Unlike in the console market, game publishers have typically been hesitant to bring top-selling games to the PC.

Thankfully, things have started to change for the better and now PC gamers have more choice than ever before for sports games to scratch any competitive itch. Plus, the quality of the games that have been released on PC isn’t compromised, unlike some other console-to-desktop titles and genres.  

So, without further ado, here’s the lowdown on the best gaming experiences for sports fans that you can play right from your PC.  

FIFA 22 

In the world of PC gaming, the FIFA franchise is legendary. FIFA games have been staples in the market since the 1990s and, while some editions have proven to be better than others, without fail they’ve been as widely available on desktop as they have…

Source: Complete Sports