Odegbami: Ministry Of Sports – No Teeth To Bite! 


I am writing this on Thursday night. I have just read the press release by the Chairman of the Electoral Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF.

By the way, the NFF is a parastatal of the Federal Government of Nigeria, funded mostly by the Government, supervised by the Ministry of Sports and surviving on the benevolence of the government. 

The news is that the elections into the board of Nigeria Football Federation would now go on courtesy of a Civil Court decision. It is a great relief. 

However, as you read this on Saturday morning, the fall out and reality of this new state of affairs will be that the members of the ‘failed’ Executive Committee whose tenure has expired, would return as ‘elected’ members of a new  board. The country will have to endure another 4 years of more of the same of the immediate past. As you read this, most of them will be grinning from ear to ear, celebrating their ‘victory’ over the people and government of Nigeria. 



Source: Complete Sports