Can The Green Bay Packers Defy The Odds In 2022?


The Green Bay Packers are on a mission to clinch their fifth Super Bowl in their franchise history. The team has had several fantastic players throughout the years as it all begins with Curly Lambeau who set the roots in Wisconsin back in 1919.

Then, they enjoyed the likes of Paul Hornung, Reggie White, and Brett Favre whom all had magnificent careers that led them to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Recently, Aaron Rodgers’s performance throughout the first few games this year has helped the Packers increase their chances for the Super Bowl. According to Super Bowl odds, they are currently the fourth favorite to grab the title with +900.

Here are our thoughts on the team’s future progressions:


Aaron Rodgers Effect

Now, the Packers rely much on their quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, who has been part of the roster since 2005. Coming from California, the talented player set numerous NFL records across his career in the league. He holds the top spot for the highest passer rating…

Source: Complete Sports