‘Awarding 2022 World Cup To Qatar A Mistake’ —Ex-FIFA President, Blatter


Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter has admitted that the decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was a mistake

Blatter was president of FIFA when Qatar was awarded the tournament in 2010.

Qatar has been criticised for its stance on same-sex relationships, human rights record and treatment of migrant workers.

And in an interview with Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger, Blatter said:”It is too small of a country. Football and the World Cup are too big for it.


“It was a bad choice and I was responsible for that as president at the time.”

FIFA’s executive committee voted 14-8 for Qatar to host the tournament ahead of the United States 12 years ago, at the same time Russia was awarded the 2018 event.

The 86-year-old says he voted for the United States and blames then-UEFA president Michel Platini for swinging the vote in Qatar’s favour.

“Thanks to the four votes of Platini and his [UEFA] team, the World Cup went to Qatar rather than the United States. It’s the…

Source: Complete Sports