Qatar 2022 – Sunday, Amusa Gbadamosi and Guinness Stout!!


You may not know both names above, but read this to the end.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup starts in a week’s time. I am not going to Qatar.

The reality of missing out on my 4-year football pilgrimage is just settling in. The pain is deep.  Apart from the thrill of attending the greatest single sports event in the world, I also make a good living from reporting the Green Eagles of Nigeria when they are part of the global party. I will miss both this time.

The present situation truncates what has become a ritual for me.  As I was making plans to go to Qatar 2022, the Nigerian Super Eagleswere converting to Super Chickens, stumbled over the last hurdle and fell, yakata.


I had experienced similar stumbles in my life, twice during my own footballing career and can tell that the pains from such failures remain and haunt players throughout their lives.  My 1977 and 1981 experiences remain the worst parts of my, otherwise, incredible football career. Both times, our ‘plane’ to the…

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