Who Are Some Of The Top Nigerian Athletes Of All Time? –


Nigeria is a country with a deep love and passion for sports. Much like in the rest of Africa (and the World for that matter), in Nigeria football is the most popular sport. Nigerians play and watch football from a very young age, so it isn’t all that surprising that the country has produced many excellent players. Today, a lot of Nigerian footballers play in England, and many other European countries.

When it comes to the Nigerian national team, it is one of the finest, if not the best African national football team. If we take a look at African international football competitions, we could notice that the sports betting odds often favor the Nigerian national men’s team. And the same can be said for the women’s national football team, which has been a dominant force.


But as is the case with the rest of Africa, it is not only football that Nigerians follow. The country has produced quite a few athletes in sports like football, basketball, and of course, athletics. In fact,…

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