Top 5 Popular Sports In The United States


In the United States, many sports are played competitively. However, when it comes to the most popular sports in America, a couple of them stand out.

Top 5 Most Popular Sports in America in 2022- Viewership and TV Ratings

According to ExpressVPN’s report on sports streaming, football is the nation’s favorite, closely followed by basketball, soccer, and baseball. Hockey takes fifth place. Let’s dive into the stats and streaming data about these sports.


1.   Football (NFL)

With more than 9 million active participants and 112 million TV viewers, American Football, also called Gridiron, is undoubtedly the most loved and watched sport in America.

This is a prevalent sport in the United States. Alongside Australia, the US is the only country that plays the sport at such a high level.

The National Football League (NFL), founded in 1920 in Ohio, is America’s most popular sports league. The NFL reported revenues of 17.19 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 and has been steadily gaining…

Source: Complete Sports