Man City Will Still Be Great Without Me


Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola believes the fans should not have the mindset that the team won’t have been champions without him.

Guardiola referenced the silverware enjoyed by City under his predecessors Manuel Pellegrini and Roberto Mancini.


“This is one of the secrets of the success of this club. I am pretty sure it happened before me with Manuel, with Roberto Mancini, and with my successor it will happen again,” Pep pointed out.

“I am sure it is going to happen again. The people have to change their mind that this happens [total support] because it is Pep. It is beyond that.

“I am 100% sure whatever happens with me in the future – I will stay two more years and I know, Khaldoon knows, it depends on the results (as) if results are not good you never know what will happen – but I know the next chapter of this club will be amazing for the next decade.

“It happened in the last ten years, and it will happen in the next ten years because the relations are…

Source: Complete Sports