Ehi Braimah @ 60: Industrious, Boisterous!


By Dr. Mumini Alao, PhD

JUST A FEW WEEKS to his 60th birthday, Ehi Braimah was on a hospital bed in Houston, Texas, United States of America. He had been sedated so that specialist doctors could carry out a surgery on him to cure an ailment that threatened to cut his life short.

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The three-hour surgical procedure was successful. After a while, Ehi came around to start receiving messages of congratulations from extremely relieved family members and close friends. His life was beginning anew.

“My brother, I give glory to God that I’m still here speaking to you,” Ehi would say to me on the telephone. “I have lost some weight because of pains, discomfort, post-surgery care, and a diet plan to support my recovery. But the important thing is that I’m back on my feet and doing fine.”

Ehi is alive and well! Not even the entire riches in the whole universe could substitute for that. That’s why, for me, this tribute to my dear friend on his 60th birthday is so, so…

Source: Complete Sports