The Future Of Online Gambling In South Africa


South African players have many choices when looking for online gambling action. However, despite the growth of the industry, South Africa has made interactive online casino games illegal, including games of chance. The good news is that new legislation was proposed in 2022 to regulate and control remote gambling activities in the country.

Let’s examine the proposed new laws, the economic impact of the industry, and the potential for South Africa to become a major player in the African online gambling market.

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The Current Status of Online Gambling in South Africa

The main reason that the online gambling industry in South Africa is booming is due to South Africans’ love for sports betting and increased economic prosperity. This leads to more disposable income for leisure activities like online gambling. Online gambling is also very accessible in South Africa. More people have mobile phones than land lines. Even in the poorest areas, mobile cellular access is massive. Exciting…

Source: Complete Sports