Musk Could Have Bought Sports Teams With Twitter Losses


With recent announcements of Twitter, now X, losing $29bn profit, Liberty Marketing has taken a look at what sports teams the owner Elon Musk could’ve bought with this huge loss.

Musk could’ve bought the top F1, NBA, NFL and football team for $21.02bn, less than what he’s lost on his Twitter investment since purchasing it in October 2022.


Since October, Musk has lost $29bn on Twitter. This loss could’ve instead bought him the Ferrari F1 team, Real Madrid football team, Washington Commanders NFL team and the Dallas Cowboys NBA team.

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The top five football teams in the world; Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona and Manchester City, combined, would be worth $27.45bn according to Forbes, which is $1.55bn less than what Musk has already lost on his Twitter investment.

The research, commissioned by Liberty Marketing, shows that Musk could’ve also purchased the top 10 F1 teams at $13.5bn, less than…

Source: Complete Sports