Sports And Diplomacy Wall Of Fame –Odegbami


It is the morning of July 29, 2023.

I am at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, NIIA, in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a wet, cool and calm morning, and as I drive into the premises it is empty of the huge human traffic of the previous day.


I am here to confirm that all of this has not been a dream, that it is real; that yesterday was a truly memorable day in the lives of several forgotten athletes in Nigeria’s history.

I am standing alone and staring at the environment before me, breathtaking its beauty and atmosphere this morning.

The background to the scenery before me is mostly green, the lush green of artificial grass and the smell of fresh dew. There is a big, black, glittering, marbled wall like a giant Cinema Screen with inscriptions like the end-credits of a movie. Names, famous and not-so-famous, of Nigerian athletes are inscribed in two groups and several columns on the wall. Preceding each list of names are two short narratives that paraphrase the significance…

Source: Complete Sports