Up-And-Coming iGaming Software Studios Watch 2023 Beyond


Are you aware of just how big the global iGaming industry is right now? According to ResearchandMarkets.com, it’s already worth $63.53 billion and in the next seven years to 2030, it’s expected to grow in value at a compound annual growth rate of 11.7%. This means it will hit $153.57 billion by the turn of the next decade.

As of 2022, the European market was the most dominant in the global iGaming sector, boasting revenue share of approximately 41%. However, the Asia-Pacific market is set to post 12% CAGR through to 2030 and Africa is not expected to be far behind thanks to increased smartphone adoption and improved 4G/5G connectivity.

At the heart of the iGaming industry’s global success is the innovation and creativity of iGaming software studios. These pioneers are helping to break new ground and design immersive casino gaming experiences on any medium. There are many successful iGaming studios with bright futures and we’re going to shine a spotlight on a handful of…

Source: Complete Sports