How The Ikorodu Bank Robbery Was Carried Out


How The Ikorodu Bank Robbery Was Carried Out

In a jiffy, the robbers packed about N20m said to have been arranged for loading into the Automated Teller Machines at a Zenith Bank branch in Ebute-Ipakodo in Ikorodu, Lagos, on Wednesday morning.

A bank official, who narrated how the robbery took place, said the ecstasy displayed by the robbers was only comparable to “what you see when a footballer scores a decisive goal.”

As some of the gang members held everyone in bank hostage while looting additional cash from the strong room, others were doing the same at the First Bank branch in the area.

Satisfied with their bounty, the gunmen stormed out and challenged policemen, whose station is opposite the First Bank branch, to confront them.

Even though no policeman was in sight, they displayed more bravado by setting three Sports Utility Vehicles which they drove to the banks, on fire. Before this, they had removed the number plates of the vehicles.

The bank official narrated the incident to sympathisers and our correspondent who found his way into the hospital.

He said the robbers carted away over N80m from Zenith Bank which “a bullion van was to transport out of the bank.”

The banker added, “They shouted, ‘open the door, open the door’, but none of us answered them. Suddenly, we heard an explosion and the glass went down. I was wounded by broken glasses.

“One of them entered and when he saw about N20m that we had arranged to put inside our ATMs, he shouted, ‘Area, Zico see money. See money wey we dey look for.’ He started dancing. He pulled a lady among us and ordered her to pack the money inside the bags they brought. After packing the money, the robbers ordered her to lead them to the strong room.

“When the lady opened the strong room, the robber that shouted in the ATM room exclaimed again, ‘Eheeeee, Area, Zico give me bags! Give me bags. Come and see money wey we dey look for. They packed everything in the strong room; more than N60m. We were expecting a bullion van to move the money before the incident happened.”

Segun, said, “I was at the ATM section of the Zenith Bank to withdraw money. Suddenly, there were gunshots. Two of the gunmen came in and one of them threw me on the floor. He wanted to shoot, but his colleague told him to leave me.”

A pastor at a Redeemed Christian Church of God parish in the area, Anayo Okpara, wrote his experience on his Facebook page.

“This(Wednesday) morning, between the hours of 9am and 10am, I was a few meters away from the scene of a bank robbery at Ipakodo, Ebute, Ikorodu. The robbers operated with guns for about 30 minutes right opposite a police station.

“Everyone took cover, including the policemen; not even the military officers at the other end could come to the aid of the citizens. We were more like in a war scene with gunshots roaring for the entire 30 minutes.

“About 20 minutes after the robbers were done and gone, the whole place became flooded with policemen, I counted about 10 pickups, two armoured tanks and one OP MESA pickup van. Except the Lord watches a city, the watchmen stay awake in vain!”

Another eyewitness, Ademola Fashola, said he hid somewhere around the jetty area while the robbers escaped.

He said, “I came to withdraw money from the First Bank ATM, but I changed my mind and headed for Ipakodo, near the jetty. I was there when I heard the gunshots. After they had robbed the banks, the gang leader, a woman, walked while their cars moved towards the Origin Gardens (the jetty area). She dared the police to come out and ordered her gang members not to shoot anybody. She is not up to 20 years. I saw five of them. They dragged the bags that contained the money inside the jetty. I heard one of them calling somebody to pick them. He was shouting ‘Taofeeq, Taofeek, come and pick us now’.”

Saheed, also an eyewitness, said, “Where I hid, I saw them carrying bags of money into the jetty. That short woman held the gun, while another guy took the money inside the jetty. When they were about to escape, they removed the number plates of their three cars, poured fuel on them and shot at one of them, which erupted in flames.

“Along that waterfront are naval officers. Where were they then?”

Source: Punch News