War at Nsukka as NURTW battles RTEAN over revenue collection


National Union of Road Transport Workers, NURTW, said it is prepared to fight the Road Transport Employee Association of Nigeria, RTEAN, to a standstill in Nsukka, Enugu State.
NURTW, with about 120 commercial buses and shuttle taxi drivers, organised a peaceful protest to reject the revenue collection by RTEAN.
But for the quick intervention of the police, the crisis over collection of ticket levy would have resorted to bloodshed between the two groups at Nsukka main motor park.
A source, who witnessed the averted clash, said it took the intervention of the police to calm frayed nerves.
“If not for the timely intervention of the police, there would have been a bloodbath today at the park,” the source said.
Some inscriptions on the placards displayed during the protest include, “We say no to members of RTEAN, “We have the right to choose the association we will belong to, etc.”
Addressing journalists on the incident, Chairman of Nsukka Commercial Bus and Shuttle Drivers, Mr. Chika Ozioko, said after a meeting with his members, they unanimously rejected being members of RTEAN since they belong to the NURTW, the body that regulates and controls activities of drivers in the country.
“We, drivers in Nsukka town and its environs, say no to the membership of RTEAN. We will resist any anybody who forces us into belonging to an association that we have nothing to benefit from,” he said.
Ozioko said drivers’ took the decision after series of meetings, as well as consultations with the Enugu State Chairman of NURTW, Mr. Matthew Asogwa, who told us that the only union approved by the Trade Union Act for commercial drivers is NURTW.
“Since the state NURTW chairman said RTEAN is illegal, we, drivers in Nsukka, also say no to the association. Is it this little money that we make in a day that we will …Read More

Source:: Nigerian Pilot