In search of a female virgin


Why women marry these days with their virginity already broken. What was it then and why it was preferred then. Why the new trend? Is it better to marry a virgin or the other way round, writes correspondent, Anastacia Eluwa

Back in the days, being a virgin was highly revered among different ethnic groups in Nigeria. Some even placed high premium on it, hence they rewarded any girl that keeps herself pure before marriage. The first night with the husband was always anticipated, as the bed sheet used by the couple was examined to see if there was blood stain, indicating the breaking of the girl’s virginity by her husband. Husbands were proud that their wives kept themselves pure before marriage. A woman who was disvirgined by her husband was highly respected by his family.
In some towns, the husband would take a gift to the father of the girl to thank him for his ‘wonderful’ daughter.
But presently, because of high craze for modernization in the country, virginity according to many is now old school as most young girls’ even boasted that they have known boys as early as 15 years of age or before getting married. Even, the boys or men when they toast you and you refused to succumb to their sexual offering, they call the girls names; such as they have not arrived and so on. Even if you are still a virgin, people refuse to believe you because of what has been going on in the country.
The high quest for money or material wealth by girls and boys that have not come of age is quite worrisome; hence, someone sees herself or himself a virgin when she or he has never had sexual intercourse, or sometimes, one who has never engaged in any sexual activity at all. So …Read More

Source:: Nigerian Pilot