Strange! Ogun Rivers Dries Up Around Kara, Turn To Dry Land


Strange! Ogun Rivers Dries Up Around Kara, Turn To Dry Land. Residents, workers and passers-by on Saturday besieged Kara along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to view the sudden appearance of plants which grew on a section of the Ogun River.

A large number of people stormed the area with their phones and recording devices, while some went as far as walking over the water plants and praying.

Our correspondent, who visited the site on Saturday, observed that a significant expanse of the river had been carpeted by a massive layer of the vegetation.

Scores of residents, including children, were walking, playing and praying atop the plant-covered river.

Michael Fagbenro, a panel beater with a workshop located at the Kara riverbank, said those in the area began to notice the plants surface at about 8am on Friday.

He said, “It started gradually; the plants were flowing with the river. But by 12pm, the water began to flow forcefully and brought a lot more plants. It accumulated at a very rapid rate.

“By Friday afternoon, it had completely covered the river. I have been here for over five years and this has never happened. It is obviously not normal. This is unbelievable. When I saw it, I was afraid because it is so strange.”

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