Niger Delta Avengers Shift Rivers State,Bombs Pipeline


The Niger Delta Avengers, NDA, shifted its hostilities from Delta State to Rivers State, Wednesday, blowing up a Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, pipeline at Eleme leading to the Nigeria Liquefied National Gas, NLNG in the state.

The militant group claimed responsibility for the attack, saying on its Facebook page Niger Delta Avengers: “By 3.00 am, yesterday, strike team 2, carried out a major strike, bombing NNPC pipeline at Eleme leading to NLNG. You won’t stop us.”

Meanwhile, the Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force, JNDLF, yesterday, threatened to set seven flow stations ablaze in Bayelsa state.

However, the Egbesu Boys of Niger Delta, a militant group said that the ongoing warfare in the Niger Delta region was an Ijaw fight for self-determination and not Niger Delta struggle as generally assumed by many.

Before the Rivers attack, NDA daringly posted at about 8.12 pm on its Facebook page: “Another major pipe about to go up in flames! Brass, LNG, Boom.”

It said any attack by the Nigeria Army might result to human casualties but the group does not want to take life, otherwise, it would have dared the army.

“”For every life you take, we take two. We have our reason, we play cool, we are ready, and we must cripple the economy. Boom, Share,” the group added.