John Onose Sent To Prison For Raping Of 6-Year-Old Girl In Delta State



Despite the many N2million plus,wey Dishonorable John Onose,pay and spend from Sapele to Asaba and back to Sapele and to Court,so that he nor go enter Jail for defiling of 6years old Girl with him joystick,the Oga done finally enter Sapele Prison,as a lesson for others with same mindsets.

Unu remember say we post am for here say this Oga,wey be Ex-Councillor for Sapele Local Government Council back in 2010 and above. Call the children wey dey play for him frontage,as some wey know am wella, run go deir Houses,one small Girl of 6years wey nor know wetin this Oga fit do,as dem just pack cum the area,cum use respect eyes take honour this useless man call,not knowing say this man,wan make Love with her. After the experience, this man come dey threaten the poor Girl mother,wey he know say,he get money pass,say he go deal with am,and even went far to arrest the woman and her daughter,due to say when the mother find out,say her pikin under,nor dey normal,nai she ask the pikin,wey point this very man.

Them say Cow wey nor get tail na God dey helep am drive the flies.
When the police officers,wey this man invite to cum arrest this woman and her daughter,see the Girl condition,dem cum change their plans as,dem arrest the man go but tori cum change,wen we find out say this man buy him way out of Court the first time with Millions of money,so that dem go withdraw the charges wey go indict am.
When we hear nai we put am for air,so that the world go see say Injustice dey prevail over justice for Sapele High Court. After our post,we receive so many encouragement not to back out of the case,as one Mr Isreal Joe from Asaba,wey be Human Right activist and spokesman Committee for the Defence of Human Right (CDHR) Delta State throw call and assurance enter our studio say dem go buy this wahala take,to make sure say nobody fit turn the case upside down for Court again.

My people na yesterday dem Sidon look this matter for Court and the competent Magistrate really look into the matter well,as dem bring back all the charges levied against this man and after the deliberations, dem cum send this man to Sapele Main Prison to go rest him joystick wey nor get control.

This morning we commend the efforts of everybody,most especially unu wey support this case,through cash and kind,and to the Lawyers most especially Barr Mike Egbune,the Female Lawyer Mrs Oj and Human Right Activists from Asaba and most especially the Magistrate and unu wey stand for this case back with prayers and support and our collective thanks goes to God almighty wey dey use us dey fight for the oppressed in our society.
We go continue to keep unu posted with issues concerning this case,pending wen dem give the final judgement.