Militant Adaka Boro Avengers Vow To Declare Independence With Biafra


The Adaka Boro Avengers (ADA) has lashed out at the Niger Delta Avengers for announcing a ceasefire and has promised to declare a Niger Delta Republic on October 1. The Avengers announced on Sunday, August 1 that they were ready to negotiate with the federal government and stop the vandalism of oil and gas pipelines. The group announced a ceasefire and named Edwin Clark as the leader of its negotiation team. This ceasefire also ends the planned declaration of a Niger Delta Republic on October 1 by the group but this has been frowned at by Adaka Boro Avengers who insisted they would go ahead with the secession.

In a statement issued by Edmos Ayayeibo who is the spokesperson of the group, it said it rejects any form of negotiation with the federal government.

“There is no going back this time round.” “We the Adaka Boro Avengers are throwing our weight behind the Niger Delta Avengers on the declaration of Niger Delta Republic come October 1. Our earlier abortion of the declaration was at the instance of the Niger Delta Republic. This time round, there’s no going back and Nigerians should expect a different country call Niger Delta Republic. “Arrangements have been concluded for the declaration. The people of the Niger Delta region are tired of President Muhammadu Buhari and his APC misrule, and we have decided to go and no one can stop us.

“The matter at hand is more than any police force or military personnel.” The group said it was ready to collaborate with Biafra agitators to actualize their October 1 dreams and that it would be launching a radio station in two weeks that would broadcast their message regularly. “We’re also using this medium to call on our neighbors, Biafrans to use this opportunity to achieve their dream because all arrangements have been concluded for the success. We are also using this opportunity to tell the Federal government of Nigeria that we ADAKA BORO AVENGERS are not ready for any form of dialogue. “Two weeks from today the Nigerian nation will hear our live broadcast from our radio station, the Niger Delta radio station, which will continue broadcast until the October 1 declaration.

October 1, is a day we have set aside for history to be made in the world. So the Nigerian government should not try to stop us, because if they do, heads will roll and still history will be made. “So, we are not afraid of anyone, police or military personnel, because our foreign backers are currently fighting with so many countries in the world without fear. “Lastly, the whole nation will be destabilized. What the Niger Delta leaders should do now is to call their people in other states to return home immediately. Only restructuring of Nigerian nation will stop our October 1 declaration.” It will be recalled that the group had earlier scheduled to declare an independent region in August 1 but cancelled the declaration and credited former president Goodluck Jonathan for reaching out to them. The group had ordered Yorubas and Hausas out of the Niger Delta region and called on Niger Delta people to return for the declaration.