Anambra Governorship Election Debate: Top 9 Quotes From APC Tony Nwoye


Twenty-four hours after the Anambra governorship election debate organised by Channels TV, here are some major quotes from the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Tony Nwoye.

Read the quotes below;

  1. Without power, good roads and water, there is nothing we can achieve.
  2. If I am elected governor of Anambra State, the issue of power and infrastructure (good roads) will be paid enough attention to.
  3.  I left PDP because of Impunity. My supporters said we must leave PDP. I am a man of honour and integrity.
  4. I was first Medical student to be elected Speaker, Student’s Union Government (SUG) in 1998. I was first Igbo man to be elected President Association of Nigerian Students and I was never linked in violence or cultism.
  5. All my life, I have been fighting against injustice.
  6. Awka, the state capital must be given a good look. It must look like the state capital that it is.
  7. An hungry man is an angry man, if I am elected governor of Anambra, I will create jobs.
  8. It is on record, that within past three years, I have given more than 150 men and women employment.
  9. Government should not outlaw agitators, instead government should make them live a better life.