How MKO Abiola Celebrated his 50th Birthday in 1987


Tomorrow August 24, 2018, it will be the 81st posthumous birthday of late Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola (GCFR) the President Who Never Ruled Nigeria. (Kudos to his son and author Abdul Jamiu Abiodun Abiola)

M.K.O Abiola born on August 24th, 1937 died some few months to his 61st birthday on July 7, 1998.

He couldn’t celebrate his 60th birthday in 1997 as he was languishing in the jailhouse of the military junta of late General Sani Abacha who died on June 8, 1998 a month to MKO Abiola’s death.

If he had celebrated his 60th birthday, it could have been a compendium of rich ceremonies. But he was in jail, and the irony of it all was the fact that one of his closest friends and ally, late Chief Azeez Alao Arisekola (also dead) was one of the bosom friends of General Sani Abacha.

But Alao Arisekola’s closeness to the General had little or no effect on MKO Abiola’s freedom from jailhouse. It was like that for 5 years.

In this video, you will not only see how late MKO Abiola the winner of the annulled June 12, 1993 Presidential election celebrated his 50th birthday in Abeokuta on August 24, 1987 (6 months after he became the Basorun of Ibadan land) but you will also see the role Alao Arisekola played in MKO Abiola’s 50th birthday. He was the ‘Charge De Affairs’ at the event and no one could ever think that 10 years down the line, the chemistry will change.

Arisekola was said to be equally instrumental to MKO Abiola becoming the BASORUN OF IBADAN LAND!

In this video obtained by Asabe Afrika TV, you will see faces like Oba Aromolaran, the Owa of Obokun land, the Soun of Ogbomoso–Oba Oyewunmi, the Alaafin of Oyo–Oba Lamidi Adeyemi and many many other people who later went on a different divide during MKO Abiola’s darkest political hour in Nigeria.

Please, kindly watch the video with utmost psychological caution as we only want to use this video to commemorate his 81st posthumous birthday which is tomorrow, Friday, August 24, 2018. Enjoy the clip!