I see a new definition of Poverty – Sowore speaks on his emotional visit to Bakassi IDP Camp


In one of his numerous trip around Nigeria, AAC Presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore visited the Bakassi IDP camp, a trip that was described as a very emotional moment for everyone, especially Sowore who was visiting Bakassi for the first time.

There are over 3000 IDPs in one of the camps. They are housed in open classroom blocks. No electricity, no water, no Medicare, no toilets, no school for the kids, etc.

A woman had died, just under two months ago while trying to deliver a baby and the corpse is still being embalmed because the husband can’t afford N200,000 to buy a casket and a piece of land to bury her. The baby was successfully delivered and he is being taken care of by another lady.

Sowore immediately provided the N200,000 so that the dead can be buried. He provided another N50,000 for the upkeep of the baby for the next one week after which he pledged to personally continue and ensure the boy’s fortune changes for good.

Sowore has also commenced arrangements to begin drilling a borehole in the camp to ease the plight of the IDPs who still get their water from a nearby stream.

I (Yours Sincerely) is already making arrangements for the borehole which should be done within the next one month.

Above all, Sowore promised the IDPs that:

“If I ever had any doubt that we need to chase our current leaders out, what I have seen here today is a further confirmation of that my conviction. By next year when we win, we will immediately do something about this terrible situation I am seeing here within our first three months in office. We will provide a permanent solution to this inhumanity that these Nigerians are being subjected to here by our leaders, I see a new definition of poverty here”


Hope was evident on the faces of the IDPs.

Sowore is said to be the first presidential aspirant who has thought about them and visited to see their plight first hand and assured him of their readiness to TakeBack Nigeria with him.