Prophet (Dr.) M.K.O. Tibtan is not an ordinary man of God, he is full of anointing for accurate prophecies and visions that liberate humanity from bondage.

In 1998, he predicted the Prison-to-Presidency feat of former Nigerian Head of State, General Olusegun Obasanjo who was incarcerated by late General Sani Abacha since 1995 over a phony coup allegation.

In 2005, he equally predicted the death of former Nigerian first Lady, Stella Obasanjo in January of that year and the prediction came to pass in October.

Same year, he predicted that the wife of the founder of Winners Chapel ministries, Bishop David Oyedepo, Faith will be visited with stroke and it equally came to pass.

In 2015, he predicted that former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan will lose his election except the birds of the air or stones of the field and Edi-Ika-Ikong soup voted for him and it came to pass. He predicted that even though President Buhari will emerge as President but he is not God’s choice but the people’s choice.

In 2014, he predicted the death of late DG of NAFDAC, Professor Dora Akunyili and it came verbatim. He equally predicted the death of former Bayelsa State (Southern Nigeria) Governor Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha and it came to pass. He said in that prediction that, Alams, as the former Governor is being called will first lost a son before losing his own life and all came to pass.

He has given so many prophecies that came accurate. In 2017, he warned the national leader of the ruling APC to pray never to lose a son but his prophecy was taken for granted and Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu later lost a son.

So, sometimes middle of November this year when he predicted that some eminent Nigerians are going including Nigeria’s first civilian President, SHEHU SHAGARI, we didn’t take it as a child’s play.

The Prophet emphatically said ‘Some will go between December and January’ he later said ‘Shagari is going’ and by Friday, December 28, just some 3 days to the end of year 2018, the former Nigerian leader passed away in his sleep after a brief illness. He died in Abuja.

We had published the full video of that interview since Monday November 26, 2018 but today, we bring you some direct excepts of the full video.

It will interest you to know that the Prophet who is presently writing his Prediction 2019 Revelation book has equally predicted that President Muhammadu Buhari will return to power in 2019 and PDP candidate Atiku Abubakar will run away to Dubai.