Buhari’s right to run, Obasanjo’s right to warn


Fola Ojo

He was holidaying in the United States when some of his acolytes in government informed him that the military dictator, Gen Sani Abacha, had made plans to throw him in the slammer and silence him forever. He in turn sent a message publicly to the dictator not to try it. He dared Abacha and took the next flight back home. On his arrival, awaiting military snoopers slid him in shackles. They dragged him shamelessly and whisked the old man away to an unknown destination. Jungle justice through a military tribunal came crushing down with some vile verdict. Thirty years behind bars for being an “enemy” of the state. That was in 1995. Abacha was determined to snuff life out of him while in prison. But jammed and rammed between the alluring and fetching thighs of some Indian Delilahs and African Jezebels, the dictator suddenly died of a heart attack.

From 2013 through 2014, he…

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