Should security agencies monitor social media posts by Nigerians?


  • Mike Ejiofor (A former Director, Department of State Services)

I don’t know how they intend to monitor the social media. Maybe they have acquired new equipment. I think they also said they would be monitoring Very Important Personalities. I don’t know how they intend to do that but I believe that in a democracy, if anyone breaks the law, there are appropriate provisions of the law to deal with such issues. There are appropriate laws to prosecute someone found guilty of sedition. I don’t know the section of our constitution that provides for the punishment of hate speech, inasmuch as one would not encourage speeches that tend to divide the country. I also don’t know under what section of the law a person can be prosecuted for hate speech. But for sedition, the law is there. If anybody flouts any part of that law, there is a provision for prosecution. For me, the only way…

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