Trump rattles ‘shithole’ African countries


Bisi Olawunmi

African  countries are in angst with American president, Donald Trump, for allegedly describing them derisively as “shithole” countries. Their reactions, one of which was the summoning of American ambassadors in some African countries, including Nigeria, were exercises in futility. Meanwhile, President Trump is having fun for rattling these poverty-stricken countries, and by extension shaming their mainly shameless, clueless and kleptomaniac so-called leaders.  We all know that Trump is not given to niceties of protocol when he feels strongly about issues – he says it as he sees it.  And his constituency loves him for his shooting from the hip – over 60 million of them gave him their votes in the 2016 US presidential election to romp into The White House.  But, honestly, I can’t fathom all the brouhaha that the reactions have attracted. A true son of his…

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