Africa needs more than leaders who take pay cuts


Thursday with Abimbola Adelakun, [email protected]

Caught in the swirl of euphoria and overwhelming sobriety that attends great electoral victories, newly elected president of Liberia, George Weah, has sworn to slash his presidential salary by 25 per cent. He equally wants to check racism and execute other laudable objectives. In the hydra-headed world of nativist populism, state capture by presidents, and elitist blindness to the suffering of the masses, President Weah is to be commended and then told he needs to go further than a pay cut.

 Weah is taking over a badly depreciated economy, one where every statistical index that analyses the conditions reads extremely bleak. From civil war to Ebola, Providence has over-tested the will and resilience of Liberians. The fulcrum of hope that engulfed the country when Nobel Prize winner, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf took over 12 years ago…

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