Things to avoid doing before age 40


Dr. Sylvester Ikhisemojie

Although doctors are often loathe to neatly categorising disease conditions according to age, it is important to understand here and now that sustaining a good level of health is one thing before the age of 40 years and entirely another thing after that age. To be sure, diseases abound at all ages; some are acute with a short duration and equally swift resolution while others are somewhat more protean and lead to disability, lifestyle changes and even death. Today, we shall attempt to look at broadly as possible at the spectrum of bad habits that often cause us many health problems in the later years; the middle age years and the senior years.

It is wise to pay attention to them because in many ways, small and big, many of us have been guilty on so many scores.

Children are not the only people who should be taking vaccines for a variety of ailments as there…

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