This oddity called Peace Corps


’Tunji Ajibade

[email protected] 08036683657

Our nation harbours many oddities, and strangely so.  In return, we get odd outcomes. I don’t mean this in any amusing sense of it. At this time when there’s a need to be concerned about reversing many of our unenviable indices, the latest battle some lawmakers choose to wage against the  Presidency is over a bill to establish what is called Peace Corps.

Lately, part of the news item regarding this oddity reads: “President Muhammadu Buhari has rejected the proposed Peace Corps of Nigeria Establishment Bill.” I ask myself, which proposal and which establishment? Is this bill for the establishment of the same Peace Corps that has long been in operation, its staff fully kitted, and among whom there’re raging internal jealousy and wrangling that I’m aware of?  Is the bill for the same Peace Corps whose leader is parading…

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