Landlord makes 183 sex videos from secret cameras installed in tenants’ rooms – Punch Newspapers


A landlord has made 183 videos featuring how his tenants had sex.

The unsuspecting tenants discovered that the man who rented the house to them had installed cameras in their bedrooms and bathrooms.

The landlord made sex videos from their intimate activities.

The perverted landlord confessed to law enforcement agents that he made secret videos of the tenants’ activities, especially when they were engaged in sex.

Paul Dunster, 59, installed the secret cameras mainly to watch people showering and having sex.

He was caught with 183 videos of naked women made over a 10-year period.

As reported by Metro UK, “It is sad story and one which is disgusting,” the judge told him during sentencing.

The court heard he did it to “satisfy his sexual needs.”

Dunster initially denied two charges of voyeurism, but later admitted making the secret videos.

Police raided former security worker…

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