Eleven ways to know your partner is having an affair – Punch Newspapers


Tunde Ajaja

No doubt, being in love, especially when it is reciprocal, comes with some good feeling. But one of the many things that truncate such pleasure or harmonious relationships is cheating, and both men and women have been found to be guilty of it.

Largely, cheating is regarded as a betrayal of trust and findings have shown that men hardly ever forgive a cheating partner, even if they are also guilty of the act.

According to previous studies, men cheat for adventure, ego, unsatisfactory sexual experience in their marriage, frustration, revenge and deceit while women cheat due mainly to lack of affection from their partner, sexual dissatisfaction, revenge, boredom and peer pressure.

However, in order not to be caught unawares, there are signals that show that a partner is having an affair. It should equally be noted that each of these signals might not be a complete indicator…

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