When avoidable gridlock locks down economy – Punch Newspapers


Exporters and importers are recording colossal losses as their goods get stuck in gridlock on Apapa port road in Lagos for weeks; many firms are either suspending operations or relocating out of the area with some landlords vacating their houses for security guards. The logjam has become an ill wind that blows nobody any good, writes ANNA OKON

Mr Oyedeji Samuel is a manufacturer whose production plant in Apapa once employed over 200 people. But because of the gridlock, he says, “access to my factory from my home in Maryland became a major problem. I could spend as much as two hours trying to get to the production plant from a distance that is supposed to be less than 30 minutes.

“The same situation affected my workers – plant managers, processors and release officers who could not get to the factory on time to attend to waiting customers. People who had orders cancelled them…

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