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For a lot of people, cryptocurrencies have been a kind of mystery ever since their first launch. It may be a completely new concept to some, but cryptocurrencies have the potential to change the way we look at money now and in the very near future.

Cryptocurrencies are slowly changing the way investors approach money and investments. Currently, they are often likened to advancements in technologies like artificial intelligence, in which experts tell us that they will soon be revolutionising the world, even though the impact that they have has yet to be felt by the general public.

At the moment, digital currencies are considered a new asset class and are often featured in news headlines. But what exactly are cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies, to put it simply, are currencies that are made secure with the use of cryptography. Cryptography refers to the coding system that is used to protect information being sent over networks, making sure that only the intended recipient has access to…

Source: Punch Newspaper

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