The Loss Of Heavyweight Journalists Like Walter Cronkite Is A Big Blow To The American Media By Dr. Wumi Akintide


The late American reporter, Walter Cronkite

Last week’s Senate hearings led by the two firebrand senators in John McCain and Lindsey Graham should have sent powerful messages as the whole world nervously awaits the Trump presidency in less than two weeks.

The world has turned one full circle as the three authoritarian states of Russia, China and North Korea are making news and seriously threatening America’s supremacy as the only remaining super power. The Grand Old Party, the Party of Abraham Lincoln, has lost its “mojo” in America even though it now controls the three tiers of U.S. government, that is, the Executive, the Legislature and, most likely, the Judiciary if the Senate confirms Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

The Republican Party has lost its “mojo” because it now seems blind-sighted on Russia and whether or not it should continue to be viewed as a…

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