Empowerment: Ad Hoc People, Ad Hoc Country By Pius Adesanmi


Nigerians just like to trivialize issues unnecessarily. Frankly, it is annoying. Okay, I am annoyed. I don vex. Shey una happy now?

I have been following arguments on Ogbeni Ganduje’s empowerment of the Mai Shai people in Kano. There have been some very powerful advocacy for the economy and the economics of Mai Shayism.

Those sympathetic to Ganduje’s gesture have made seductive and persuasive submissions in favor of the legitimacy of the Mai Shai as a cornerstone of the informal and SME sectors, especially in the North.

I have been reading and following the arguments and wondering: who exactly is quarreling with any of these submissions? Who exactly is saying that Mai Shayism is not a legitimate pillar of the informal economy that should be encouraged? Who exactly is saying that the Mai Shai is not running an SME? Why do people like to set up a submission that nobody is making and…

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