Of Narco caste And Rivers' Political Slaves By Louis Odion


If any doubt had lingered on the certainty of opioid epidemic afflicting Nigeria’s youthful population, it surely was removed last week with the cold statistics reeled out by the University of Lagos.

For parents who might wish to stand up in arms against its new extra-ordinary policy to administer drug test batteries randomly on students with the aplomb with which road safety marshals subject any suspicious-looking driver to breath-analyzer on the highway, the outgoing vice-chancellor, Professor Rahman Bello, painted a rather chilling picture likely to fill older alumni with nostalgia for the age of innocence and the paradise lost. 

Last academic year, he confirmed that no fewer than 100 students tested positive to drug abuse. Of course, psychotropic substances abused range from conventional cocaine, heroin, marijuana to the new ones – Refnol, Tramadol, and codeine.

Then, the UNILAG…

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