Citing Court Order, Socialist Party Of Nigeria Demands Registration Certificate From INEC


The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), a political party in Nigeria, has requested from the Independent National Electoral Committee (INEC) its certificate of registration to enable the party to participate in elections and engage in other political activities.

Addressing the press, the Deputy National Chairperson of SPN, Abiodun Bamigboye, revealed that the party had met all conditions required by INEC and also paid a sum of N1,000,000, which was imposed on the party by INEC.

He lamented that despite fulfilling all conditions, the electoral body failed to register the party. This prompted the party to take legal action to enforce its registration.

After emerging victorious in a suit the party filed against INEC in a Federal High Court in Abuja, the party is demanding that INEC obeys a court order by registering SPN as a political party in the country and issuing it a certificate of…

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