R. Kelly’s Brother Accuses Singer Of Molesting 14-year-old Cousin


Robert Sylvester Kelly, better known as R. Kelly, who is famous for his music, has been accused of molesting his 14-year-old cousin.

The singer’s brother, Carey Kelly, in his track ‘I confess’ had accused R Kelly of spreading Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs).

The track, which is a response to R. Kelly’s 19-minute song ‘I admit’, further revealed that the singer molested their 14-year-old cousin and probably got her pregnant. 

In a recent interview with Tasha K., published on unwinewithtashak.com, Carey disclosed that the singer’s character began to slip in 2001 when their mother and Aaliyah died.

“You give people chances to change before you put their business out there, before you actually say ‘enough it enough’. Things happen in people’s lives to the point where you feel like it’s a wake-up call and now they get a chance to right their wrongs,” Carey…

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