2019: Will Plateau Return To Egypt? By Sunday Thomas




These are very auspicious times. For states under induced violence and killings, there is every need to tramp with caution, because the political scavengers are back. They are on the prowl,   enriched in more tricks and deceptions in the quest for power.

Leadership of any state in Nigeria is quite difficult. It has enormous responsibilities. Governors battle both seen and unseen forces to keep the ship of state afloat. I must not pretend to be a happy man, when my home state of Plateau, an acclaimed home of peace and tourism has become the oven of violence and the basket of blood.

For over a decade, we lived under this deadly spell and scourge. Interestingly, the instigators of the violence and bloodbath had no therapy to quenching the conflagration. It deepened, intensified and expanded tentacles, exposing the shame of our collective failure as a people. To say we are all…

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