Revolution Without Ammunition By Bayo Oluwasanmi


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Beginning next week, I will write a new column under the name Revolution Without Ammunition. The column will have a short life span of five months – from now till the end of 2019 presidential elections. The column will focus on Nigerian youths who make up 70% of Nigeria’s population. There’s strength in numbers. Politics is a game of numbers. Our youths have the singular power to change the cause and course of our history at the polls in 2019.

A revolution without ammunition is a revolution powered by ideas and executed with ballots at the polls. The French Revolution was about ideas. Based on universal civilization, it transcends cultural, national, ethnic, social, and racial boundaries by proclaiming the fundamental inviolable rights of all peoples of the world to freedom and equality.

Youth political participation is at the heart of any vibrant and relevant democracies….

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