GEJ Was Counter Rigged Out, Nigeria Would Have Been Better Off By Obajeun Jonah Ayodele


Goodluck Jonathan2 1

‘My Transition Hour’ by GEJ is all that is needed now for Nigeria, for Nigerians, for PDP, for APC, for the third force (RIP), for the angry twittering young people, for 2019, for Atiku (runaway visitor-in-chief to the USA), for Obi, for Buhari, for Osinbajo (money sharer-in-chief). We are all still trapped in GEJ’s transition mood, in motion, in anger of what was supped to be, what was and what is to come. 

GEJ has claimed that Jega conspired to rig him out. Yes Jega refused to drive equal distribution of PVCs between North and South. Jega ensured that the war-ravaged North had higher PVC collection stats than the peaceful South. Jega actually went on the streets to drive this unequal distribution. It was indeed part of Jega’s strategic objective as implied by GEJ in his Transition Hour.

In his quest to totally finish GEJ, Jega introduced Card Reader that somewhat…

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