How Nigeria is preparing for 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia


How is Nigeria preparing for the 2018 world cup? That’s the question many Nigerians would be having today with only a few weeks before the big event. In fact, many local betters, including those who love to try out local Nigerian football betting are eagerly waiting to know how the players would perform.

How would the Nigerian Team Do?

We believe it’s one of the strongest Nigerian football teams to ever play in the World cup and we can be sure of some good results.

Super Eagles, the men’s national team of Nigeria are all set to make their way up to the FIFA world cup finals when they meet Croatia on June 16. So far, we have heard the statements from players, coaches, and fans. But we all have wondered about their preparations. Actually, there is nothing to worry about. We have all the details here with us.


Nigerian football federation: Keeping a Track of what’s happening

The Nigerian football federation is keeping a close eye on the preparations of the team. So far, the team has shown balanced performances. The team will pay three pre-world cups with the likes of Argentina, Poland, and Serbia. We will definitely get a glimpse if they can tackle one of the strongest football teams.


Arrangements in Russia:

The football committee is overseeing the players accommodation, transportation and all the other logistics in Russia. It is working to ensure that no player gets caught up in any document failure or any other kind of comfort.

Coaches: All the coaches for the team have been paid in their payrolls and a contract has been signed with them until the end of the world cup.

Core super eagles squad: The Nigerian coach Gernot Rohr is going with his core super eagles squad for the upcoming tournament. He just wants to be sure that he has the back of the experienced and reliable players. This extremely talented German coach has been able to turn the tables in favor of Nigeria since he began working as the coach.

Nigeria became the first African nation to get a world cup ticket for FIFA world cup 2018 under his guidance. The coach has already ruled out any speculation of bringing in any new player.

John Obi Mikel: This Nigerian captain holds too much potential and has been able to successfully channel them to win games. The trio of mosses, signals, and Iwobi showed some nail-biting moves under his leadership to confirm a berth in world cup 2018.



This year, the Nigerian team is brimming with new talents who have trained under the coach Rohr. Many people have expressed their concerns for the inexperienced squad but the coach maintains that he has given them proper training and has mentally prepared them to handle the pressure of world cup games.

Nigeria has been making impressive appearances in the world cups so far. She has missed only once in 2006. It will be worth watching how this African powerhouse of football fares on the international stage.