NCWS frowns at Ochanya’s death


Nkechi Chima, Abuja

President, National Council for Women Societies (NCWS), Gloria Laraba Shoda has frowned at the death of Ochanya Ochiga, aged 13, who allegedly died of complications from years of serial sexually abuse by her aunt’s husband, Andrew Ogbuja and his son, Victor Ogbuja.

Speaking on the death of Ochanya, Shoda said: “It is barbaric for a man and his son to indulge on ruining the destiny of a little girl from age 8 till 13. As a mother, my heart is broken and I think they should be jailed for life.

“It’s only insane and demonic men that rapes minors and girls for their evil missions.

“We heard the police released them on bail after the rape and sodom case. Why did they allow them to walk the streets of Benue freely after inflicting health problems on the child? she queried.

“The autopsy report revealed that the girl died from severe health complications, including the dreaded Vesico Vagina Fistula (VVF).

Mrs. Shoda…

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