Ekweremadu has a choice


Lastly, I shared my well-publicised opinion with Ekweremadu that, among the leading aspirants from the core north (North West and North East) of Nigeria, former Vice President Atiku Abubakar was the most liberal-minded with verifiable impeccable nationalists credentials needed under the current circumstances in Nigeria to pull the nation from the precipice. In addition, Atiku has demonstrated through his chains of successful businesses a minimal understanding of economic matters, which is equally needed to revive Nigeria’s comatose economy. I reiterated that Atiku was the alternative to Buhari’s sectionalism and clear lack of economic management skills.

As expected, Ekweremadu listened with rapt attention as my droplets dripped into his ocean of knowledge, with occasional responses on the very points I raised and acting in a statesman-like manner, as the second highest office holder in PDP, he didn’t betray to an “outsider” like me his clear…

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