Retooling Nigeria’s governance system


It is imperative to retool the governance system by professionalising governance in such a manner that only the best get the job of carrying out its affairs

Emmanuel Ikechukwu Igbo

The blame for the socio-economic problems in Nigeria has been largely heaped on governance. More elusive than popular expectations from that quarters are reflections on the nature, properties and adequacy of the tools being deployed for the discharge of governance, such as laws/ policies, materials and personnel.

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Many a time, analysts have pointed out loopholes in some extant laws and appealed for their review, amendment or repeal. Leaders, in some instances, have spread their arms in frustration, expressing that their “hands are tied” by such laws relating to policing, mining, infrastructure, financing, etc, indicative of situations where the law itself has been a hindrance to progress and development. Perhaps, they…

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