Why Emmanuel deserves to be re-elected – Inyangeyen, Works commissioner


Not every Public officer understands their briefs. But for Ephraim Inyangeyen, the Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Works, he appears to have a firm grip of his turf.  He exudes this and more in this encounter with Ismail Omipidan, recently.


The APC says it will take over the state in 2019. What is your take?

I know that a man who holds his PVC in Akwa Ibom has an independent opinion, and what the man in Ikot Ekpene would think is different from what the man in Abak or Oruk Anam would think. And with the passage of the amendment to the Electoral Law, which I believe Mr. President will sign, it means that the use of electronic device which we call card reader will become mandatory.

They are even going further to say that if the card reader does not function, then the election in that unit should be postponed for the next 24 hours until the card reader works, which means that every man will have one vote. I don’t think that anybody in…

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